Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spicy Fried Potatoes and Exquisite Meat loaf

Well, this is a moment in history... (in my life anyways), I have always made meatloaf with ketchup on the top, which is really good, but this...this is incredible!
The use of Bacon as a topping is a wonderfully added flavor... plus the mixture of Lean Beef and Pork, it is just amazing! My husband kept going on and on about it! He even said, "This is better than most steaks I have ever eaten!"... I was pretty satisfied by that... ;)

Page 155, Country Meat Loaf...

as a side dish Spicy Fried Potatoes Pg. 50

These were also really amazing! And i know this statement doesn't apply for this meal, but these potatoes would make the worlds best beef and potato burrito! But they were incredible by themselves.

Spicy fried potatoes

2 garlic cloves sliced
1/2 t crushed chillies (or chili powder)
1/2 t ground cumen
2 t paprika
2 t red or white wine vinegar
1 1/2 lbs. small new potatoes
5 T olive oil
1 red or green bell pepper
salt and pepper to taste

mix garlic chillies, wine vinegar, and spices and let sit.. Boil potatoes untill almost soft... about 15 min... drain
heat oil in large frying pan and saute/fry potatoes untill golden
add spiced garlic mixture and bell pepper
cook about 2 min longer
and there you go!

Pretty good if you ask me :)

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