Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pie + accomplishment = Happy

Today serves for celebration! All my hard work in my class Educational Psychology has paid off! I made A's on all my papers & on the Mid- term... thus my reward is being exempt from the final exam!!! :) Today will be filled with relief and smiles because I do not have to worry about studying. My husband left for work, and what better way to welcome him home than to the smell of baking. The house is now spotless, I also finished sewing the torn couch pillow, so I figured I would make a pie.

When my husband and I went to visit his family for thanksgiving, they sent us home with a bag full of oranges and lemons, along with a bag of pecans and almost endless amounts of goodies, (I had to send them with my husband to work, for fear I would eat them all!) His parents have huge fruit bearing trees in their back yard, (my dreams for the future), and they were eager to share them with us. I was extremely excited, because the price of fruits & veggies are pretty high. We have been using them constantly with chicken and fish, and even just eating the oranges sliced with a dash of cinnamon like my mom used to serve them. But there are so many lemons, I don't think it would hurt to make a lemon meringue pie :) I know this is normally considered a summer dish, but my husband loves lemon pies and so there is not a single sound of objection from his mouth I'm sure :)

So, beginning on this journey with a pie. Pg. 216. Crust, Filling, and meringue all made from scratch. This better be good :)

Note: I am not going in order through this cook book... I will most likely jump around untill all have been made. This will help with menu, and with expenses. I have noticed if you follow the harvests in season, everything is much cheaper and you are able to eat really good food that is homemade.

Well, here goes!
I decided to pat the crust in the pan instead of rolling out the dough. and it looks like it turned out pretty good. The filling thickened a lot faster than i thought it would and yet it tastes wonderful! And the meringue...well.... i think i added the sugar before i was supposed to because it is not that fluffy...but it still tastes good and it is a little fluffy :) maybe i didn't beat it long enough...but my arms were dying :) lol....

I am now about to take it out of the oven, so hold on...wow :) it is beautiful don't you think? Country style Lemon Meringue Pie :) Yummy!


  1. That sounds really yummy. I happen to like lemon too...I love lemon squares and lemon curd. I think it came out looking very pretty!

  2. Whatever I have done from God to deserve such a great thing, I will be sure to keep doing. Baby, that pie looks great. I can't wait to eat it with you. Can we eat desert before dinner?

  3. That looks very, very yummy. Congrats on not having to take the final!