Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Onions Anyone?

I would never have imagined that Onions could be so delicious! But this dish proved me oh so wrong! Stuffed Parsleyed Onions (Pg. 42)... Yummy!!!

Originally made as a vegetarian dish, this is marvelous as a side dish, or an appetizer... if it doesn't fill you up first :)

The directions were to cut the top of each onion off and discard... then the part I was curious about: scooping out the insides... I was sure this was going to be interesting... I never thought of doing this... and yes, it was harder than I thought, but let me give you a word of advice if you dare to try this... DON'T FOCUS SO HARD THAT YOU FORGET HOW CLOSE YOUR FACE IS TO THE ONION! Onions actually have an enormous amount of juices... and they do tend to get in your eyes if you stand to close... All I can say is... beware! ;)

The insides of the onions, once scooped, were then chopped and mixed with parsley, Shredded cheddar, Olive Oil, Rice, Salt & Pepper to taste. Then stuffed into the onion shells the mixture went. Olive Oil was rubbed on the outside shells of the onion then into a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes... then garnished with more shredded cheese and parsley.

They were so incredibly delightful! And I am not exaggerating! I will most definitely be making these Stuffed Parsleyed Onions once more!


  1. Someone is becoming a cook!

  2. why thank you :)
    I do love cooking so much!
    and my husband is such a wonderful support!
    it is so much fun!!!! :)