Sunday, December 6, 2009

stew, biscuits, & blueberry bread pudding

Because I only started this challenge today, I had already decided to make stew for dinner. So I did not use the cook book... And oh how good it was! Cold days like today deserve good hot food like this! I put everything for the stew on at around nine and we left for the day. Around four thirty my husband and i came back home and it was ready to serve. We made bisquick biscuits and I made blueberry bread pudding. The bread pudding was actually amazing and I kinda just played it by ear... Didn't have a cookbook, but went by generality... I find that you really can't mess up bread pudding... :)

I love how bread pudding just warms you up and brings smiles to faces. It feels like Christmas season is really here! We put up our very first Christmas tree, lights, decorations & all :)
All we need now is a fire in the fire place :)

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  1. That sounds really yummy... would like to taste the blueberry bread pudding. :)