Friday, August 20, 2010

Whole wheat: Chocolate, chocolate chip & pecan cookies...Not what you expected is it?

Everyone has there favorite cookie... but do they have their favorite type of whole wheat sugar free cookie? Probably not... there are not very many recipes that turn out tasting even close to what we consider edible as a cookie... Since I have been recently trying to change to whole wheats and whole foods, it has been rather challenging when it comes to my love of baking...most things turn out grainy feeling or just plain gross! So I decided to experiment... I went online, used highly rated recipes and used cookbooks  know to be exceptionally well made... The recipes were so different from the normal cookie recipes I grew up learning...I was intrigued! I mean, I cannot go without making treats for my hubby or the people around me that I love! :) And I definitely don't want them to think they are gross, obviously if I am going to spend time in the kitchen I want to have good results...who doesn't?
I am not completely removing normal bleached flour from everything, (although I would love to) I just want to be proactive with our health, and with enjoyment of that healthy food.  I tried a couple different recipes that like I said before turned out in disaster, I almost wonder if the people who commented on those recipes were just trying to be nice or if something else was but in all seriousness they just wouldn't do... So, I gave up... well I gave up trying other people's recipes... And then it was as if all the creative juices started flowing and I wanted to see what I was made of... I put all my past cookie making experience to the test. I was going to attempt at making my very own recipe... scary I know! lol... I used only whole wheat flour (I keep wanting to spell it and Splenda instead of sugar. (Disclaimer, I am not advocating for sugar replacement in everything...especially for younger children. Natural sugars are incredibly important in your daily life... like from fruit. But I don't think it hurts to replace those extra little things like cookies and deserts with sugar substitutes..then again this is my opinion... :)
 They have the consistency of peanut butter cookies, and so I am still experimenting to see what they would be like as soft cookies. They are the dark color because they have cocoa in them and thus they are chocolate cookies with choc. chips and pecans... I had people try them girls and guys and my hubby, and they past the test ;) So I think they are going to be a good addition to my baking repertoire. I am still debating on wether or not to place here the recipe for these cookies... Not many people bake with whole wheat... but ....
*IF YOU ARE INTERESTED...reply that you would like the recipe and I will post it so that you can also have it :) I hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Sounds yummy.....and I am interested in eating time you visit and can make them :)